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Alyse Krejdl, owner and trainer of The Balanced Pack, has always had a passion for animals; especially dogs. In 2016 she found herself and her pack in a dire situation after one of her dogs attacked another dog. In the months leading up to this incident, she recognized that her dog had increasingly become reactive toward other dogs while out on walks and in the yard. Although she was aware of the change, she wasn’t certain what to do. After the attack Alyse spent hours researching local dog trainers. She found a local, renowned training company that was and immediately connected with their story and their philosophy. Her pack completed a training program which forever changed their lives.

In 2017, Alyse began the Life Changing Dog Training™ Apprentice Program to dive deeper into the world of dog training. In 2019 she completed a more intensive apprentice program with the same company. Both of these programs focused on the Communicative Leashwork Process™; teaching owners how to communicate and connect with their dogs. Through these programs she completed more than 400 hours of hands on experience and insightful observations. Her experiences covered a wide range of dog behavior and training including puppy classes, private sessions, moderate behavior issues and severe aggression cases. 

Now equipped with resources, knowledge and experience, Alyse looks forward to working with you to build a life you love with your dogs.

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